How To Maximise Savings From Your Solar PV Investment

Have you invested in a solar PV system?

If so, you’re probably already saving on your energy bills. But—what if you could further maximise on those savings?
We’ve compiled some practical and handy tips so you can start seeing even more financial benefits from your solar installation!

Increase Energy Consumption During The Day

As an informed solar investor, you know that it’s more economical to use energy from your system rather than send it back into the grid. So, let’s capitalise on daylight hours and use as much free energy as possible!

We understand it’s tricky if you work away from home during the day, but here are a few ways you can maximise savings, even if you’re at work:
● Turn on energy-hungry appliances during the day, or just as you are leaving for work, such as dishwashers and washing machines.
● Set timers for other energy-hungry appliances, such as pool pumps, to run during the day.
● Also, set timers on your heating and cooling devices to run in the mid-to-late afternoon to get your home at the right temperature, enabling you to switch them off at night.
● Plug in rechargeable devices during the day or before leaving for work, such as laptops, tablets or vacuum cleaners, then unplug them at night.
● Use slow cookers or bread makers to reduce evening/afternoon energy consumption during the day.

If you have a high-quality inverter, such as a Fronius Inverter, you can manage energy usage for systems/devices, such as hot water systems or pool pumps. Set these systems to be used during the day as well.

Increasingly Australians are leveraging smart home technology to control their energy usage. This enables remote control and monitoring of appliances during the day, maximising solar PV savings.

Tip: With north-facing panels, you can spread your usage across the day as these panels have all-day sun, with best production from 10am to 4pm. . East facing panels will produce the most energy in the morning, sunrise to around 11am. West-facing produce best in the afternoon, around 1pm to sunset. Factor this into your savvy solar energy usage plan.

Avoid Using Multiple Appliances At Once

This can be impractical at times and tricky to execute, but be mindful of how many appliances are running simultaneously.

The number of appliances you can use simultaneously—and for free—is limited by the size of your solar PV system and how much electricity the appliances draw.

Here are some tips:
● Stagger your dishwasher and washing machine runs, along with your heating and cooling systems.
● Turn on the TV after you’ve cooked dinner, rather than during dinner prep when you’re not watching it.
● Consider what other appliances are running when you have your shower or when you vacuum.
● Avoid using kitchen/bathroom appliances and gadgets simultaneously.

Maintain Your Solar PV System

Cleaning Solar Panels

This can be the simplest way to ensure your solar PV system runs efficiently!

Solar panels can be hard to access, but don’t fall into the trap of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Every 6 to 12 months, it’s worth ensuring there are no trees or vegetation blocking access to sunlight, as well as cleaning the panels and removing any dirt if required from mould or bird droppings.
Additionally, Solar 1 Electrical recommend a professional clean every 5 years if the panels are not heavily soiled.
This could also avoid costly repairs down the track.

Analyse Your Solar Consumption – Do An Energy Audit!

Solar Professional Analysing data
It’s essential to know how much energy is used in your home. Your energy bill should outline your daily power production and how much is being sent back into the grid.

More sophisticated systems can provide online monitoring of complex data usage and graphs and live feeds of energy production. And, if you have a smart meter installed, this can offer insights into individual appliance consumption and use times.

If you do not have a smart meter you can gain free data through manage my energy, a free service for Powercor customers, register and learn more here

When you analyse this information, you’ll pinpoint which appliances are using the most power and when, enabling you to change your appliance use to a more energy-efficient and economic schedule.

Install A Backup Battery

A backup battery allows you to store energy, use your solar PV system more economically and make sure you can keep the lights on in a blackout. This energy can come from your solar installation when the sun is shining or from the grid.

As technology is moving fast, it’s great to have a professional assess your usage and provide feedback on whether a battery set up is suitable for you and what benefits you could gain.

Explore Feed-In Tariffs

Depending on where you live and the rules and offers available, you can sell the excess energy you generate. These are called feed-in tariffs.

Make sure to shop around for the best rates! Check out feed-in tariff pricing information from Canstar Blue.

When You Go Green, Stay Green – Choose Energy Efficient Appliances

When you purchase a new electrical product, always choose one with a high energy star rating to boost your savings and energy efficiency.

Use Less Energy

Okay, yes, this is a simple one, but it’s always worth bringing up—especially to remind the kids!

You can also reduce your energy consumption by checking the settings and condition of appliances. Here are some tips below:

● Run your air conditioning system at the most efficient temperature for your state. Check them out here.
● Ensure your fridge is running efficiently and not leaking cold air by checking the condition of the seal.
● Change the lighting in your home to CFL or LED lighting
● Install sensor lights.
● Consider switching off your second fridge or freezer.
● Take shorter showers.
● Switch off appliances rather than leaving them on standby, such as TVs or laptops.
● Turn off lights and appliances at the switch when not in use.
● Use the power of the sun to dry your laundry.

By following these tips, you can make the most of potential solar savings and ensure every dollar you spend on solar goes towards reducing your electricity bill.

If you have any further questions about saving money on your energy bills, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Solar 1 Electrical on 1300 451 316.

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