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As the weather starts to drop a few degrees and we start to think about turning the heater on more often it’s a great reminder to download our checklist and start looking at how to save money on your energy bill this winter.
A great way to start is to understand more about the appliances you use and the items that use the most energy in your home. The graph below in an estimate for the Average Australian home.
Top 10 Tips to Save You Money

1. Open and close curtains and blinds. Simply open them during the day when the sun is out to generate heat and close them to block out t he cold and keep the heat in. Closing your curtains when heating is turned on will provide a little more insulation and stop the heat from escaping.

2. Only heat rooms in use. Close off vents in rooms or doors to rooms that do not require heating.

3. Keep you r thermostat between 18°C and 21 °C. Every degree over this can cost you an additional 10% per degree on your energy use.

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4. Dress for the weather. I know you still may enjoy sitting around in your shorts and t – shirt, although its time to layer up and keep war m. Time to get the hoodie and onesies out.

5. Blankets are not just for grandma. A rug over your lap while in front of the TV can keep you warm and mean you are not tempted to turn the heater on as often or as early

6. Hot Water Bottles – yes they still exist and you may be surprised how warm they keep you. Fill one up and place in your bed 1/3 hour before you go to sleep. No brainer that a hot water bottle will use less energy than an electric blanket or heater in the room.

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7. Stop Drafts. If you have a draft close it off. Yes, those old door snakes are still relevant today.

8. Wash clothes i n cold water and reduce shower times. When you consider that hot water usage accounts for around 21% of your energy bill savings can really add up by reducing hot water usage.

9. Hot air rises. Ceiling fans that reverse spin push the warm air back down towards you. So check you have that setting or install fans that will also save you in summer.

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10. Invest in your future. Although more costly it pays to plan ahead. Things to consider include installation, investing in quality rugs if you have hardwood or bare floors, double glaze your windows or upgrade heating and cooling to more energy efficient systems and reduce lighting costs by installing LED downlights.
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