Christopher Panayi

Christopher Panayi

Solar Sales Manager

What’s your background?
Electrician by trade I have spent 11 years within energy industry and 6 years now in solar sales.

Why Solar?
Challenging and innovative industry.

What do you do in your spare time?
At the race track or with family.

Tell me about your family?
We call ourselves the Brady Bunch, partner and I have kids from both sides, We like taking adventures as a family.

Motorcycles classic to modern, my partner

Something your colleagues don’t know about you?
Lived in Tassie for 2 and a half years.

Sport /Community/Charity
Long standing player of Marong football netball club, not active player anymore although still eager member. Member of HMRAV which is Historic Motorcycle Racing Association Victoria.

Fav TV show
Star Trek

Mix of everything, Led Zeppelin gets me grooving

What your fav drink
Cascade Pale Ale

tea or coffee

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