Leah O’Shea

Leah O’Shea

Sales and Marketing Manager

What’s your background?
Jack of all trades and master of many! Biggest achievements include I Do I Do Magazine and managing wines sales across SE Asia.  Peter was a regular at a business I worked at and become a great friend and an ever better boss!

Why Solar?
I thrive on helping people. Working in a fast-paced and challenging industry where the sole purpose is to help people transition to clean, renewable energy and save money is very motivating.

What do you do in your spare time?
Visiting my friendly duck at the lake, cooking, being with family and I’m constantly undertaking some sort of training to further my skills.

What are your passions?
My family and I can’t wait to become a grandmother! I love creative time in the kitchen and personal development.  I’m also a personal coach and energy healer, guiding people through a journey to create positive life changes.

Something your colleagues don’t know about you?
I once wanted to be a heavy weight Olympian. I’m also a bit of a hippie, enjoy breathwork, meditation, sound healing and have been known to howl naked under the moon!

What music gets you up dancing?
I love music and have managed bands and live music venues. My taste is varied, but I mostly enjoy jazz, rock, pop to dance, and house music.

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